As if the Yukon Arctic Ultra wasn’t scary enough! Six hundred ninety km by foot, skis, or mountain bike through unpredictable terrain during the frozen month of February? Consider us terrified already! For Whitehorse-based scribe Jessica Simon, apparently super-human feats of exercise are not scary enough – the [former] What’s Up Yukon literary columnist (who has also written for Outdoor Edge, Yukon News, and this very magazine) has chosen to set her new thriller, From Ice to Ashes, in the middle of the gruelling race. The fast-paced mystery follows an auxiliary RCMP officer, Markus Fanger, as he tracks a dangerous anti-American criminal who has infiltrated the competition. With the action starting in Whitehorse and wending its way through many famous Yukon and Alaskan locales, this page-turner puts the heart-racing politics of international warfare extremely close to home.

Yukon, North of Ordinary,

Simon takes us on a realistic journey into a vast land seldom featured in the thriller-mystery litany.

Don Graves, Hamiliton Spectator,

Packed with thrills, Markus Fanger makes a perfect modern hero as he and a young offender head off a terrorist threat designed to shoot ice down your spine.

Lou Allin, author of the Belle Palmer Mysteries,