Short Stories

  • Seven Packs of Sugar

    Seven Packs of Sugar

    CANADIAN TALES OF THE HEART, Vol. III (2014). Fourteen authors feature in this 13-story anthology united in the theme of…


  • Gold Nugget Garter

    Gold Nugget Garter

    Winner of the inaugural Jack London Short Fiction Contest hosted and published by UpHere magazine. "We asked our readers to…


  • Washed Out

    Washed Out

    Live the final moments of a paddler's adventure when his refuge in a storm is engulfed by the storm itself.…


  • Max’s Spruce Tip Adventure

    Max’s Spruce Tip Adventure

    Toddler Max retells how he tested his wilderness skills in this children's story that won nothing but a little boy’s…


  • Sideways


    A fanciful flash fiction poke at the elusive muse that won Honourable Mention at the Santa Barbara Writers' Conference. Here's…